Kam Quartet Eco Wireless Microphone System - 4 Mics / 1 Receiver

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The Kam Quartet Eco is a 4 channel professional UHF wireless microphone system with 4 dynamic cardiod hand-held microphones and a UHF Multi-channel receiver.

The roady-ready metal cased receiver features enhanced muting, high signal to noise ratio and almost zero noise output when on standby. Individual volume controls, RF / AF signal indictors are on the front, and both balance and unbalanced audio outputs on the rear with twin antenna.

Four durable colour coded hand held wireless microphones with On/Of switches offer up to 60m of uninterrupted working distance and easily pair with the receiver.

ユ UHF Quad Multi-Channel
ユ Operates on 863.30 / 864.30 / 863.80 / 864.80MHx frequencies
ユ Display with Channel, RF / AF signal indicators
ユ Individual microphone volume controls
ユ 2 x removable / adjustable antenna
ユ 4 x balanced audio outputs / 4 x mix output sockets
ユ Mains driven - PSU included

ユ 4 x wireless dynamic cardioid microphones
ユ On/Off switches
ユ Colour coded end pieces
ユ 2 x 1.5V AA batteries per microphone included
ユ Working distance up to 60m

Complete with carry box