Equinox Promo Spot

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The Equinox Promo Spot allows you to project a wide variety of gobos and logos adding an extra dimension to events and installations. Powered by a 25W LED, this high-output gobo projector comes with 11 easily replaceable, rotating gobos. The manual focus adjustment allows the user to create crisp imagery.

1 x 25W LED
- Beam angle: 17°
- 2,580 Lux @ 2m
- 11 user replaceable, rotating gobos
- Print your own gobos, for temporary use, using standard transparency film up to 1mm
- Rotate/Stop/Reverse control
- Supplied with hanging bracket
- IEC power input
- Fan cooled

Power comsumption: 36W
- Power supply: 240V, 50Hz
- Fuse: F3A 250V
- Dimensions: 196 x 180 x 215mm
- Weight: 1.7kg