Dynacord DSA 8206 2x 600 watt Installation Amplifier EX DEMO SALE !!

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DSA 8206

2 x 600 w power amplifier for fixed install applications

  • Highest Audio Performance for all ProSound applications
  • Optimized for 24/7
  • Highest Reliability due to DYNACORD Protection Scheme
  • Remote Control with optional Control Module (RCM-810)

Solid Dynacord technology for fixed installations at very competitive prices.

DSA power amplifiers offer a very high, stable output with high efficiency at a high performance level and are therefore the ideal choice for typical fixed installation applications. The connectivity consequently provides Phoenix type in/outs, the input level controls are located on the rear panel, also a switchable high‑pass filter (50 Hz, 18 dB/oct) and a Ground Lift switch.

The POWER REMOTE connector makes the task of remote controlling the power amplifier as well as switching it on and off simple. For further remote‑supervision and –control possibilities and integration into IRIS‑Net networks, an optional remote control module (RCM‑810) is available.


Load Impedance
Maximum Midband Output Power THD = 1%, 1 kHz, Dual Channel 900 W 600 W 380 W
Rated Output Power THD < 0.1%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz   500 W 250 W
Maximum Single Channel Output Power Dynamic-Headroom, IHF-A 1700 W 950 W 480 W
Maximum Single Channel Output Power Continuous, 1 kHz 1200 W 750 W 420 W
Maximum Bridged Output Power THD = 1%, 1 kHz