CHORD XLR male to XLR female High Quality Microphone lead - available in Blue, Red, Green or Yellow.

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Classic Microphone Leads XLR Female - XLR Male

A high quality, fully shielded microphone and audio lead, capable of carrying balanced signals with exceptional sound and reliability. Made with pure copper conductors and cotton-reinforcement; a soft-grip, anti-tangle, rubberised jacket; machine-soldered connections; and professional, locking, die-cast XLR male and female connectors.

Specification : Common

  • Cable :  diameter6mmØ
  • Conductors. 20 x 0.08mmØ
  • Connectors. Male XLR, Female XLR
  • Pin-out. Balanced: 1-Ground, 2-Hot, 3-Cold

Colour - Blue, Red, Green or Yellow available in 1.5m & 6m.